History of Farber: 1920

Farber Motor Sales
The Farber automotive story begins in 1920 with an authorized Ford and Lincoln Mercury franchise, located in Westerville, Ohio. The Ford Sedan four-door, ready for delivery is priced at $725.00!
— 1920

Falcon-Knight Model 10 Touring 1927

Falcon-Knight was a brand of automobile produced between 1927 and 1928 by the Willys-Overland Company of Toledo, Ohio. A separate company, the Falcon Motor Corporation was registered with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. The cars were built in a former Garford Truck plant in Elyria, Ohio. The automobiles were well received with "a remarkable reputation for all-around performance and the sales were notably high."

The Falcon-Knight was intended to fit in price between the Willys Whippet and larger Willys Knight ranges and was priced $1250, $100 less than the Willys Knight 70A Roadster. It was powered by a six cylinder Knight sleeve valve engine. Except for the engine, much of the car is actually the same as the Model 93A Whippet with many parts being interchangeable.

Per Wikipedia

Farber Distributor for Falcon-Knight

"Bringing Heaven to Columbus"

N.C. Farber

With six years' record as an automobile dealer in and around Columbus, Mr. Farber has been distributor for the Falcon-Knight line in this territory. The Falcon-Knight is the new six-cylinder Knight-motored car  to be announced shortly. He has taken a five-year lease on property at 849 N. High St. for headquarters.

(Caption from back of photo) 1917 Overland beside a grocery store at 1492 E. Long Street in Columbus, Ohio.  Don Farber front seat Bob Farber in rear. We lived upstairs over N.C. Farber's (father's) grocery.

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