16443 Gaston County Police

Gaston County Police
What I most enjoyed working with Farber was several things. First, was my sales person David Chapman he was excellent, very knowledgeable about the vehicles and understood the bomb teams mission, cops and how we operate. David would listen to what we had to say, he would make suggestions to improve our vehicle or help keep us on the right track. David was direct and to the point, no salesman fluff or just talk to talk to say something. David was always available and responsive to any questions we had around the clock; he kept us updated throughout the build process with pictures and e-mails of the status as the unit progressed; which was a really nice thing, that way I was able to keep my supervisors informed of the progression. Second was my experience with the design and engineering team was great as well, very helpful in our first build meetings and through-out our process. Third is the production team and how friendly and helpful and accommodating they were to us when we would come up for our inspections visits….they would show us the truck, let us ask questions and they would explain what is happing in the build. I loved the chance to meet the people who were building my truck. The last thing is getting to meet the owners, they are still at the office every day, never too busy to meet with customers like ourselves and talk about the day and our project, and with all the vehicles they have in production and everything Farber has going on….the owners still knew about our truck and the progress. Way to go David, and the rest of the Farber Team………I would recommend you and Farber again to anybody. We are looking to replace our command unit soon, only one place I would look again is Farber Specialty Vehicles.
— Gaston County Police

The Gaston County Police vehicle operates as both an emergency response unit and a mobile extension of their brick and mortar facilities serving the Gastonia, North Carolina area. Built from the International chassis up with innovation and customization by the FSV staff, this unit serves as yet another of the top quality custom-designed Mobile Command units built in America to the highest standards by Farber Specialty Vehicles.

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