All Electric Zero Emission

this groundbreaking Class A coach delivers 85 to 125 miles on a full charge, making it ideal for short-range, fixed-base applications.

Farber Specialty Vehicles has been the #1 distributor of Winnebago commercial shells for 43 years. Let Farber custom design build your new vehicle interior on the 2019 All Electric Winnebago.

Lower your overall cost of operation with the commercial vehicle industry's first all-electric Zero Emission Winnebago.

Available on 33' and 38' Class A commercial platforms, this 100% Battery Electric Vehicle from Winnebago qualifies for many federal, state and local incentives for vehicle purchase and infrastructure upgrades including charging stations.

Depending on interior energy demands, this groundbreaking Class A coach delivers 85 to 125 miles on a full charge, making it ideal for short-range, fixed-base applications.

What are the benefits?

Because they are 100% electric, they offer two distinct advantages over traditional combustion powered vehicles. First, they are fully self-contained and don't run afoul ant-idling restictions or require and auxiliary power source like a generator to run on board equipment or climate control. Second, they don't emit any emissions, so they are well suited for serving both vulnerable populations (children, elderly, ill) and lend themselves to congregating around the vehicle with a total absence of exhaust fumes or noise.

What are the intended applications?

The vehicles are highly customizable and configurable for ranges including mobile blood banks, asthma and lung screening units, bookmobiles, preschools, and more. Unlike traditional RVs, these are specifically engineered to accept heavy and sensitive equipment mounted on board.

What are the expected savings?

Typical savings over combustion engine powered vehicles are 85% less service costs andd 65% less operating costs.

What's the range?

Typical ranges vary between 85-125 miles on a full charge depending on the number of batteries, vehicle application and payload requirements.

What sizes is it offered in? Does it require a commercial operator endorsement?

It can be ordered in 33' and 38' lengths. The 33' does not require a commercial endorsement as it complies with relevant size and weight restrictions.

How is it built?

The vehicle is built by best-in-class partners including Motiv Power Systems for the electric chassis, Winnebago for the coach, and Farber Specialty Vehicles for the interior build out. The platform the vehicle is built on is the industry-leading and proven Ford F-53. All major components and subassemblies are designed and built in the USA.

How long does it take to recharge?

Charge times are generally as follows:

50% charge: 2 hours
75% charge: 4 hours
100% charge: 8 hours

How much does it cost?

This is highly dependent on chassis configuration and available subsidies and incentives.

Are these new on the market? What is the lead time?

Although this application is new for 2018, Winnebago has offered powered mobile outreach vehicles for more than 30 years and Motiv Power Systems has offered electric commercial vehicle platforms for nearly ten years. Lead time from orders is dependent on customer requirements.

How much incentive is available toward my purchase?

This varies from state to state, and depends on specific applications and circumstances. As an example, California is currently offering around $110,000 per vehicle.


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