Florida International University

The Florida International University mobile mammography unit offers free breast health screening, health education, and navigation services for women without access to care in Miami-Dade County. The vehicle is equipped with a state of the art 3D tomosynthesis mammography equipment, two full changing rooms, waiting/reception area, lavatory, and full clinical exam room. Attention to detail can be seen in every aspect of this vehicle from the placement of windows to add natural light to the pink breast cancer awareness ribbons laser cut into the floor tiles.

Farber Mobile Mammography Vehicles are custom built to provide an environment that is aesthetically pleasing to staff and patrons and provides the workflow, ergonomics, and safety needs for a successful mobile outreach program.

As a GE certified manufacturer, Hologic Preferred Vendor, and qualified Siemens installer, Farber has the necessary experience to design a mobile clinic that will best meet the needs of the medical providers and the digital x-ray selected.

The Farber Body has set new standards in mobile mammography. Our unique touchscreen multiplex system monitors and controls all components incorporated into the clinic including the generator, batteries, AC units, heaters, back-up power systems, humidity, slide-outs, awnings, step platforms, and more. The multiplex system makes operation and diagnostics quick and easy for staff, drivers, and service members.

Farber custom interiors stand out from the competition. Our interior designer works with each client to create an aesthetically pleasing interior using the highest quality materials from around the world. New and innovative products are constantly brought into the plant for client’s selection. This ensures that each new Farber mobile clinic has the latest and greatest materials.

Whether you are starting a new program or upgrading to a new vehicle, Farber Specialty Vehicles staff of experienced engineers and designers will guide you through the process. From floor plan layout to exterior graphics design, we will use hundreds of years of combined experience to provide you with a product that is not only beautiful and durable, but one that will give you many years of service.

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