Health Outreach

Take Your Practice on the Road

Wherever They’re Needed Most

We design your Health Outreach Vehicle to provide a strong, functional and hygienic environment for your specific program’s needs. Whether you provide rural care to those in need, primary care on the road or employee health screenings in different locations, we will work with you to design the vehicle of your dreams.

We offer a wide range of commercial platforms to provide the right access and meet your budget. And our custom interiors are created from durable materials to ensure your vehicle is built to last.

Whatever your needs, don’t hesitate to ask. Our innovative engineering team can create a solution that works for everyone. We’re here to support your needs.

Product ID Product Name
Decatur Morgan Hospital 5002024 Decatur Morgan Hospital
Hudson Headwater Health Netowrk 17291 Hudson Headwater Health Network
North Florida 17237 North Florida
OptumCare 17235 OptumCare
LDH Northeast Delta 17234 LDH Northeast Delta
Planned Parenthood 17192 Planned Parenthood
McLaren Macomb Foundation 17191 McLaren Macomb Foundation
CHF Rochester 17189 CHF Rochester
NY Road Runner 17167 NY Road Runner
Nathan Adelson Hospice 17145 Nathan Adelson Hospice
Geisinger Medical Center 17135 Geisinger Medical Center
Atlantic County 17131 Atlantic County
Beaufort Memorial Hospital 17121 Beaufort Memorial Hospital
CHP Berkshires MA 17080 CHP Berkshires MA
Denton County 17058 Denton County
NE Missouri Health Centers 17050 NE Missouri Health Centers
Cincinati Childrens Hospital 17037 Cincinati Childrens Hospital
Cincinati Childrens Hospital 17035 Carolina Healthcare 01
Forth Street Clinic 17019 Forth Street Clinic
Anne Arundel County 17009 Anne Arundel County
Eastern Shore 17000 Eastern Shore
University of Illinois 16795 University of Illinois
Carolina Health Novant Health 16794 Carolina Health Novant Health
CHCNNY Health 16792 CHCNNY Health
Katy Trail 16788 Katy Trail
St Josephs Sonoma 16763 St Josephs Sonoma
Star View Behavioral Health 16762 Star View Behavioral Health
Jefferson Comprehensive Health 16756 Jefferson Comprehensive Health
St Elizabeth Medical Center 16755 St Elizabeth Medical Center
Baltimore Health Department 16746 Baltimore Health Department
Carolina Healthcare 16743 Carolina Healthcare
Carolina Healthcare System 16742 Carolina Healthcare System
State of Arkansas 16740 State of Arkansas
Elica Health Centers 16738 Elica Health Centers
OSU Wexner Medical Center 16735 OSU Wexner Medical Center
MWHC Missouri 16732 MWHC Missouri
Puerto Rico 16730 Puerto Rico
Healthfair 16727 Healthfair
St Francis DeMattis Center 16705 St Francis DeMattis Center
Palm Beach County 16704 Palm Beach County
Allina Health 16703 Allina Health
Kings County 16698 Kings County
Health Fair 16671 Health Fair
Kern County Health 16622 Kern County Health
Evangelical Community Hospital 16613 Evangelical Community Hospital
Palm Beach County Health Care 16704 Palm Beach County Health Care
Nevada Health Center 16602 Nevada Health Center
Rocky Mountain Health 16552 Rocky Mountain Health
Swope Health Services 16567 Swope Health Services
Suncoast Health 16566 Suncoast Health
Health Fair #1 16563 Health Fair #1
My Urgent Dentistry 16543 My Urgent Dentistry
Memorial Regional Hospital 16503 Memorial Regional Hospital
St Vincent Jacksonville FL 16491 St Vincent Jacksonville FL
Youth In Need 16488 Youth In Need
Mt Carmel Health System 16484 Mt Carmel Health System
Metro Health 2002390 Metro Health
New Alternatives for Children 16350 New Alternatives for Children
St Francis Medical Center 16340 St Francis Medical Center
Health Services 16210 Health Services
Florida International 16180 Florida International
NYC Food Bank 16130 NYC Food Bank
Community Health Centers of South East Kansas 15970 Community Health Centers of South East Kansas
St Mary Medical 15760 St Mary Medical
St Johns 15310 St Johns
Community Health Center of Buffalo 16439 Community Health Center of Buffalo
EMG3 #10 16389 EMG3 #10
CPS Energy 16381 CPS Energy
St Vincent 16425 St Vincent
Puerto Rico Department of Health 2002342 Puerto Rico Department of Health
Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community 15266 Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community
Ohio Food Bank 15451 Ohio Food Bank
Hidalgo County Health 15931 Hidalgo County Health
Northeast Mental Health MS 15631 Northeast Mental Health MS
Visiting Nurses 16003 Visiting Nurses
Licking County Veteran's Service Commission 15372 Licking County Veteran's Service Commission
St John 16391 St John
Cheyenne Sioux River 16368 Cheyenne Sioux River
Rosebud Sioux Indian Tribe 16362 Rosebud Sioux Indian Tribe
Childrens Health Fund Chicago 16351 Childrens Health Fund Chicago
Michigan Works 16344 Michigan Works
Greenville 16276 Greenville
Pittsburgh Mercy Family Health Center 16226 Pittsburgh Mercy Family Health Center
Sunset Community Health Center 16193 Sunset Community Health Center
Providence 16181 Providence
Alexandria City 16151 Alexandria City
The Night Ministry 16098 The Night Ministry
VA New York Harbor 15964 VA New York Harbor
Liberty Health 15752 Liberty Health
University of Nebraska 15682 University of Nebraska
Huntsville Hospital Health System 15617 Huntsville Hospital Health System
EMG3 #01 15615 EMG3 #01
The Breathing Association 15436 The Breathing Association
City of El Paso 15346 City of El Paso
St Vincents Hospital 16437 St Vincents Hospital
Solano County Medical 16384 Solano County Medical
Genesee County 16378 Genesee County
Health and Hospital 16327 Health and Hospital
Community Health 16313 Community Health
Not For Profit 16277 Not For Profit
King County 16262 King County
Harris 16234 Harris
AccuHealth 16228 AccuHealth
Plaquemines 16221 Plaquemines
Liberty Health Services 16198 Liberty Health Services
San Antonio 16139 San Antonio
Not For Profit 16137 Not For Profit
Carepoint Health 16135 Carepoint Health
Yavapai Regional Medical Center 16097 Yavapai Regional Medical Center
Dirne Health 16089 Dirne Health
Novo Nordisk 16055 Novo Nordisk
Seattle & King County Public Health 16054 Seattle & King County Public Health
St Vincents Florida 16044 St Vincents Florida
Norwalk Community Health 16036 Norwalk Community Health
Suncoast Community Health Centers 16033 Suncoast Community Health Centers
Morehouse School of Medicine 16014 Morehouse School of Medicine
Southcoast Hospitals 15991 Southcoast Hospitals
Harlem United 15982 Harlem United
EMG3 #04 15974 EMG3 #04
Austintown Local School District 15972 Austintown Local School District
VNA Health Aurora 15971 VNA Health Aurora
Childrens Health 15966 Childrens Health
Presbyterian Mobile Health Center 15938 Presbyterian Mobile Health Center
Childrens Health Fund Mississippi 15924 Childrens Health Fund Mississippi
March of Dimes 15798 March of Dimes

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