DUV (Dual Use Vehicles)

Dual Use Vehicles (DUV) are available in two sizes to be used by the Department of Veterans Affairs as well as other Federal agencies. The dual use mission is defined as (1) routine transportation of beneficiary passengers and patients in and among the various metropolitan areas during normal operations and (2) for the transportation of passengers and patients (ambulatory, wheelchair and litter borne) during disasters or emergencies.

The DUV’s are available in two sizes. The larger vehicles (36’) are capable of transporting 30 ambulatory passenger/patients in forward facing, fold away seating; 15 litter patients or 6 wheel chairs or combinations of litter/wheelchair patients. The smaller vehicle (27’) is capable of transporting 14 ambulatory passengers/patients in forward facing, fold away seats; 9 litter patients or 4 wheel chairs or combinations of litter/wheelchair patients.

Both models are equipped with ADA approved wheelchair lifts and a manually retractable rear ramp for loading and unloading medical equipment and litter borne patients. Rear double doors open fully against the rear of the vehicles to provide unobstructed entrance. The vehicles are equipped with generators to provide 120 VAC power. Approximately 20 cubic feet of overhead storage cabinetry is standard.

Both models are powered by Cummins diesel engines and Allison automatic transmissions. The larger unit requires CDL license the smaller unit does not.

Both models are available on GSA contract GS-30F-0008N.

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