Virginia State Police

The Virginia State Police vehicle operates as both an emergency response unit and a mobile extension of their brick and mortar facilities serving the Richmond, Virginia area. Built from the E450 chassis up with innovation and customization by the FSV staff, this unit serves as yet another of the top quality custom-designed Crime Scene/Mobile Lab Vehicles units built in America to the highest standards by Farber Specialty Vehicles.

All Farber crime scene vehicles are available on a wide variety of chassis including Ford, International and Sprinter. Trailer models are available up to 53'. Exterior access to specific items is an option. Our units can be equipped with on-board lavatories and water accommodations. Conference areas can be designed for interviewing suspects or operational planning.

Customers have the option of providing the operating systems, or Farber Specialty will provide a turn-key vehicle, fully operational upon delivery. Customized evidence collection kits are available to handle any investigation: sketch kits, latent print kits, evidence packaging kits, GSR kits, DNA kits, alternate light source kits, and many more tools to help seal the case.

All vehicles are custom designed to meet our customers' needs. Whether for everyday use or a long-term investigation our engineers can design a floorplan to meet your needs. AutoCAD engineering drawings are provided prior to construction for review.

When processing a crime scene, a quick response is crucial in the preservation of physical evidence. Let Farber help you close the case on looking for a complete crime scene evidence collection solution.

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