Suffolk County Police Department

The Suffolk County Police Department vehicle operates as both an emergency response unit and a mobile extension of their brick and mortar facilities serving the Yaphank , New York area. Built from the International chassis up with innovation and customization by the FSV staff, this unit serves as yet another of the top quality custom-designed Bomb Squad/EOD Vehicles units built in America to the highest standards by Farber Specialty Vehicles.

Bomb Response Units by Farber Specialty Vehicles are engineered for heavy-duty long-term usage. We understand that funding for new vehicles can be difficult to obtain and that departments count on their vehicles for many years of dependable service.

An extensive option list allows our customers to select features that meet the department's needs. We offer both ramp options and electric/hydraulic lift options for robot access to the vehicle. Cap boxes and Day boxes are available with interior or exterior access. Some of the more common options selected include:

Trailer hitch
Exterior awing
Telescoping pneumatic mast with camera
On-board video systems with interior and exterior LCD monitors
Satellite TV
GPS systems
Phone systems
Telescoping light towers
LED emergency light packages

Other available options include remote RF Initiator Firing System, bomb suit cooling system and chain traction systems for rear wheels. Chassis are available with gasoline or diesel power.

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